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Learning Resources

On Fire’s Reputation is Being Built on Our Tailored Teaching …

We recognise that different people, of different ages, learn in different ways; if you’re younger, or of an independent mind, you may prefer a ‘coaching’ style of driving lessons, where you're asked to identify where you can improve a particular aspect of your driving. If you’re more cautious, or prefer a more structured approach, you may be more comfortable with an instructional style; ‘Do this.’ ‘That’s ok, but try it again this way.’ ‘Better. Let’s do it again and get it polished.’ type-thing. In our experience, we’re also aware that folk can switch between the need for different kinds of driving tuition as they progress; a very nervous person can sometimes ‘click’ after a few lessons and start to take control of their driving and the learning process themselves. A bold, confident learner driver may need more intervention further down the line to reassure them that they’re on the right track or to perfect a particular skill.

All sorts of stuff to help you as you are learning to drive, whatever your style:

The On Fire for Driving Team