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My First Roundabout

How Roundabouts Work, and Why They Aren't Scary
At first look, roundabouts seem totally MAD - everyone appears to be flying round them at a seriously unwise speed, and pulling out on to one like trying to hook a ride on a Waltzer ... 
You'll be suprised, therefore, to know that roundabouts are the most safe road junctions. Which is why they are breeding mini roundabouts (more on these later). The reason they are safer is that everyone follows one rule - give way to the dude coming from the right. This spreads the vehicles around, so there's minimal chance of 'em coming into conflict. Doesn't matter if you need to use the rim of the roundabout to turn left or ahead, or the hub of the roundabout to turn ahead fast or right.
Basic Rules
Hazards at Roundabouts