We are On Fire for Driving … Why Choose Us?

Do top-grade, enthusiastic driving instructors in Ayrshire, who will adapt to your requirements fit the bill? Folk with integrity, who won’t overcharge, hold back your progress or play on your nerves? And will make the whole process fun, confidence-building and satisfying?

On Fire pride ourselves on our patient, relaxed style and high first pass rate (check Our Reputation for stats). Using constantly-evolving, innovative teaching aids, we don’t simply get you through your test; we make sure other people will want to be driven by you, and other drivers will want to share the road with you. Sound good?
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Congratulations – you’ve just made your first driving decision!

Our programme of driving tuition will ensure that you will be confident, capable, knowledgeable and able to deal with the unexpected. We also now offer Ayrshire-based automatic lessons, leading to an automatic car drivers licence. All of which floats a driving examiner’s boat.

We’ve proved it. So try us … no obligation or grumpy faces.
:-) Calm, friendly and supportive environment
:-) Very attractive discounts for block bookings and subsequent lessons
:-) Driving Standards Agency Grade Five instructors
:-) Documented high first pass rate – no smoke and mirrors (sic)
:-) Pay As You Go option
:-) Student, unemployed, police, fire, emergency staff and senior tariffs
:-) General awesomeness

On Fire are also qualified to instruct you in achieving Pass Plus; a Driving Standards Agency designed, post-test course addressing more advanced skills; not only building on what you’ve already learned, but which many car insurers will take into consideration when they quote, saving you money long term!
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More On Fire goodies:
:-) Top-of-the-Range cars with personality
:-) Gift vouchers
:-) Flexible lesson durations – 1, 1.5 and 2 hours+
:-) Evening and weekend tuition
:-) Convenient pick-up/drop-off; work, college or home
:-) Semi-intensive test driving
:-) Refresher, extended test and post-operative courses
:-) Post-pass Motorway, Rural Road and Pass Plus courses


So set the gas, find the bite, and take a first-gear potter around our site; you’ll get a taste of our attitude and style!

The On Fire for Driving Team