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(See our How Long? page to price your individual training; in our standard 1.5 hour lesson, our average mileage is 21 miles, giving plenty of scope to practice everything required for your Test.)

No Obligation Single Lesson/Normal Hourly Rates):

1 hour taster lesson: £25
1.5 hours: £37.50
2 hours: £50
10 hours: £240

Police, Fire Service and NHS Emergency Staff registered rates – call for tariff.

Like It? Block Book and Save Pennies:

:-) First 5 hours: £90 (Current Offer – Limited Time) 
Details: Your first lesson will be 2 hours, followed by two 1.5 hour lessons.
:-) First 23 hours £480 (First 2 hours are free) 
Details: First lesson is two hours, followed by 14 1.5 hour lessons.
:-) Student/Unemployed (proof required): 5 hours £120 prepaid and pre-booked. 

Onward and Upward – PayAsYouGo Available:

Our standard hourly rate is £25. Any further discounts are entirely at your Instructor’s discretion.

Semi-Intensive Test Courses: Available occasionally – give us a bell for time/pricing.

DSA Practical Test lesson and Car Hire:£50
(1 hour test preparation/settling-in lesson, drive to and from Test Centre. Hugs ‘n’ pics or tea ‘n’ sympathy gratis)

And Then Some:

:-) You’re On Fire for Driving DVSA Certificated Pass Plus Course (minimum 6 hours) £150 

:-) You’re On Fire for Driving Post-Pass Motorway Course (minimum 2 hours) £50 

:-) You’re On Fire for Driving Post-Pass Country Road Course, Night and Day (minimum 3 hours) £75

Been There, Done It:


Refresher lesson: £25 for License holders

Post-operative lessons (cataracts etc.): £25 per hour

Extended Test Assessment and Polish: £50
(Subsequent time negotiable)

That should cover most – if you have any questions, or specific requirements, simply call or email.

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