Prices and Offers

Comparing the price and quality of driving instructors in Ayrshire can be tedious; how do you work out which instructor to choose when there are so many?!

Whether you’re comparing driving lesson prices for yourself, or a member of your family, it’s important to take a bit of time to choose well; it saves an awful lot of chopping and changing, which can hamper progress and confidence. And a poor choice can be very costly in the long-term.

This is an excellent guide from Driving Test Success: ‘Why to Hire and Why to Fire a Driving Instructor’


Please take a look, too, at Our Reputation for further reassurance.

Our new learners mainly come to us by word-of-mouth, or via reviews on Facebook or, primarily because:

The high standards we maintain mean folk pass in less time than the average. Less time = less outlay.

So we really can’t be bothered messing folk about with splashy ‘£99 Special Promotions’ that turn out to require you to take some of the lessons immediately, save a few for pre-test, and pay full price in between; effectively getting your discount waaay down the line. You end up not knowing whether you’re coming or going, or how much to budget.

Secondly, we love driving, and want you to love it too. We’re not so keen on spending ten minutes of every lesson explaining the accounts when you could be driving. Our approach works; you pass as soon as you are capable, you know where you are with the money, and our reputation gets a boost when you pass. Win Win.

Having said that, we’re also acutely aware that price is very important these days, so our tariff is clear, and fair for the high quality of training we provide. It also takes into account our clients’ income.

Plain, no nonsense pricing. The On Fire Way.