What to Expect

We fit in with how you want to learn – it doesn’t matter what age you are, teaching driving is firstly about instilling the practical skills and learning to trust your instructor.


Once that’s in place, it’s all about accessing your natural abilities to detect, and react safely, to a constantly changing landscape. And trusting yourself.

On Fire like to make the first lesson longer than normal – we won’t be watching the clock. We recognise that you need a fun, relaxed opportunity for you to get to know us, and us to get to know you. Basic car controls in a quiet place, where you can go as fast or slow as you please. We won’t push you if you’re nervous, and we won’t hold you back if you’re rarin’ to go.

We’re experienced instructors, who can identify the development points of ‘fast learners’, and identify the times to go gently, or even sometimes push, the more cautious.

We’ll expect you to ask questions – lots of ‘em! You’re paying for our expertise, so don’t be shy and lose the opportunity to pick our brains. Your relationship with your Instructor is, to a certain extent, a two-way street – we learn things from our students too! It doesn’t matter if you think a question is stupid, because you’re the one driving; your mind may throw up insights and interesting points that may not have occurred to us, or we may not have thought about for a while.

As far as time is concerned, we generally recommend that each of your lessons last at least 1.5 hours; this allows you to settle down, learn something new, and then practice it. So you don’t have to go over it again :-)

“I had some road experience on a motorbike, but knew driving a car would be like doing it all over again. After my first official lesson, pottering around Barrassie at 15mph doing junctions, John suggested that we ‘go for a drive’ on my second lesson. If I’d known it’d involve Stanecastle roundabout (ok, with full guidance!), and straight up to 40mph, then 60mph on the B769 to Stewarton, I’d have bottled it! I thought he was utterly bonkers, but the drive gave me a huge confidence boost, and I wasn’t the least bit scared – it reminded me that I could control a vehicle, negotiate a road, recognise signs and hazards etc.

Obviously, most folk are starting from scratch, but what impressed me was that John took the time to listen to me, took into account my experience, and had the instinct to know that ‘pushing’ me at that point would get me over that ‘OMG it’s a car, not a bike – I can’t see squat’ thing, which moved me on much faster in later lessons.” Pauline, Irvine

:-) Really worried? Take a peek at our ‘I’m Nervous’ page.

The On Fire for Driving Team