CPD Programme

Continuing Professional Development: the On Fire for Driving Mission

CPD is an entirely voluntary programme at present, supported and encouraged by the DVSA. It dovetails neatly with On Fire’s philosophy of forward-thinking tuition, and fosters a completely client-centred learning and coaching style. In other words, adapting the teaching to the pupil’s character and needs.

CPD requires instructors to not just casually keep abreast of essential changes in such things as the Highway Code, the Law, and so forth, but to actively merge new, proven methods of instruction, and the latest regulations, into their day-to-day teaching. This requires them to actively improve their knowledge and skills with: online courses; training workshops; further qualifications; one-to-one training; attendance of meetings; in fact, anything which enhances their skill as an instructor.

Many driving instructors are, at best, uncertain about all this ‘new-fangled thinking’, but On Fire For Driving thrives on common sense change: if we judge that it fortifies our core beliefs, to improve road safety and prepare people for a lifetime of safe driving, we like it.
The On Fire for Driving Team

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Further Information for ADIs …

… gathered from the many salient Associations and publications.

CPD for driving instructors is definitely in the forefront – it is likely that it’ll become compulsory for ADIs at some point. However, it’s probable that the new grading system will be bedded-in first, particularly in the public sphere, which will take some time.

What is CPD?

The intention of the programme is that ADIs will continually examine and enhance their skills, resulting in new drivers being better prepared for their Test, and safer, more knowledgeable motorists out there on their own.

Keeping up-to-date simply using online discussion forums can count as CPD. The minimum CPD will probably be seven hours a year or thereabouts, but if made compulsory, we think you’d have to provide evidence that you’re actively engaged in current thinking on method, motoring law and what-have-you.

Do you need to start CPD now?

There is no definite start date for mandatory CPD, as mentioned. However, logically, CPD taken now has to be an advantage, for both ADI and student. On Fire’s attitude is that the voluntary/compulsory thing is irrelevant. It’s a Good Idea.

CPD and On Fire for Driving

On Fire has prepared to voluntarily enter its own CPD programme, and we will be recording our results on this site. Both to help ourselves and potential clients for reference, and to provide a guide for fellow ADIs as to the most useful avenues to explore. Effectively improving standards across all ADIs.

How the DSA Comes Up With New Ideas

Currently, the Driving Standards Agency conducts regular meetings of a Steering Committee and a Working Group. Both arms consist of a mixture of ADIs, ADI Organisations and related training and research groups.

The Steering Committee’s purpose is to discuss and/or ratify the recommendations of the Working Group, but it’s a two-way street – the Steering Committee come up with ideas and problems themselves, and pass them to the Working Group to explore and/or solve.

Only once a ball has been passed back-and-forth sufficiently for it to be tested and polished, does the Steering Committee put it before the relevant Minister to enable changes in legislation or regulations via Government vote.

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Register and Manage Your CPD


Note: This will add an icon showing you are using CPD on the DVSA’s database of ADIs, which the public regularly search.

CPD Training, Information and Research


ADI Federation

Kingsmith House, 63 Marshalls Road, Rounds,Northamptonshire NN9 6EY
Tel: 01933461821
Email : info@theadifederation.org.uk


Approved Driving Instructors National Joint Council
incorporating the Driving Instructor Group
47 Sweetmans Road, Shaftesbury, Dorset SP7 8EH
Tel: 01747855091
Email: adinjcliaisonofficer@hotmail.co.uk
Website: www.adinjc.org.uk


68 The Boulevard Worthing BN13 1LA
Tel: 01903 506095
Email: info@airso.org.uk
Website: www.airso.org.uk/


Driving Instructors Association
Leon House, 233 High Street, Croydon,CR0 9XT
Tel: 020 8686 8010
Website: www.driving.org/


Driving Instructors’ Democratic Union
PO Box 165, Northallerton, DL6 2WX
Freephone: 0800 6226027
Email: info@didu.co.uk
Website: http://www.didu.org.uk/


Institute of Driver Research and Education
32b Thorold Road, Southampton, Hampshire,SO18 1JB.
Tel: 02380582480.
Website: www.ider.org.uk


Institute of Master Tutors of Driving
85 Highbank Drive, Liverpool L19 5PG
Tel: 01512804248
Website: www.imtd.org.uk/


The Motor Schools Association of Great Britain Ltd
101 Wellington Road North, Stockport, Cheshire, SK4 2LP.
Tel: 0161 429 9669
Email: mail@msagb.co.uk
Website: http://msagb.com/home/home.asp

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